A fabulous Travel Photo App

Have you often longingly perused photos on Instagram or blogs and wished you could do that, too? Or maybe you're a seasoned photographer and you just want to know the best locations for photos on your next trip. 

No matter which category you fall into, if you love to travel and want secrets for amazing photos and locations, there's a fabulous app that might be for you! Fripito! 

Fripito is a guide that shares the most beautiful photo-worthy spots with you, along with tips and tricks and camera or phone settings, and allows you to select destinations to download based on where you'll be traveling. New destinations are being added all the time. 

Head to the App Store and search Fripito or visit the website at http://fripito.com 

many thanks to Jan Brezina for the allowing me to author Sicily and Tucson! #travelphotographer #photoguide #travelphotoguide #fripito #travelapps #travelphotoapps #photoguideapps #travelguideapps 


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