Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Sound of the South

Pebble Hill Plantation. Thomasville GA.
The sun filters through the wisps of spanish moss dangling from the overwintered branches above. the quiet is absolute at times, broken only by the twitter of birds hopping from tree to bush and the occasional but distant whuff of a horse shaking his head and blowing flies off his nose. though this plantation isn't very old, the seemingly ancient and achingly tall oaks give the impression that many wanderers have gone before me, walking these same dirt roads, shadowed by these same arches, listening to these same sounds, leaving footsteps that no longer are visible except as ghostly shapes in the wind of memory. if you listen very closely, you can hear the clip clop of horse drawn carriages, the laughter of children, the call of a dog to hunter when prey becomes victim.  this home is one of the many, some crumbling and invisible, some dwindling on the edge of forgotten, that line the now-paved roads of civilization. here and there, tucked out of sight and away from the chatter of daily life, the cotton still grows. the fields, though less of them, are still tilled for profit. and the world that once was meets the traveler of today who wishes to remember. this is history come to life. this is the sound and the season of the south. listen.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the quiet approach to Christmas

(experimenting with multi media)

My husband and I decided to take the quiet approach to Christmas this year since we couldn't be with our families (located about 15 hours north and buried in a foot of snow, poor babies), and did so gratefully on  one of the most peaceful places on the planet - the remote Georgia coastline's Jekyll Island.In a lovely historic hotel (the Jekyll Island Golf Club) that's been a part of the island's history for many years, on a lovely southern winter day with temps topping 60s, with the crash of the ocean and the call of the gulls and the friendly waves of strangers connected in Christmas away from home, we rang in one of the most magical and religious of days on the Christian calendar. And as always, I found the solitude to be not only soul lifting, but soul quieting, and a very special memory at the close of 2010. Enjoy the photos. And let 2011 be one where you find the quiet soul connections that help you move forward with your dreams.

 the island wildlife

driftwood beach

the hotel

 the sunset over the intracoastal waterway

 the piper who played christmas tunes on christmas eve

 inside the hotel 

 along the water 

 aaron enjoying the peace and sunset views