Saturday, July 31, 2010

DC by dusk and by dark

I didn't spent a lot of time photographing landmarks while in DC this time, but I did manage to snap a few. DC is as beautiful a city by night as it is by day - maybe more so. See what you think.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sugar Shock

I love visiting Washington, DC because, quite honestly, of the food. I really think that despite it being the center of our political infrastructure, a city of tales and history, and in general an architectural mecca, it's the food that brings me back. My stomach grumbles happily in anticipation when I begin my final approach. And I never leave disappointed. It helps that Leah, one of my best friends and oh, btw, a tried and true foodie, lives there and has thankfully worked her way methodically through the offerings of the city, so she knows where to take me.
On this trip we dined for my birthday at Proof (fabulous) where I discovered what is now my favorite Chardonnay (Martinelli Zio if you care). We had dessert at CoCo Sala, a chocolate lover's dream (though not really the place to meet men, if you're looking. It was a very female-centric locale with tons of ladies getting their chocolate on). We lunched at Two Amy's Neapolitan Pizzaria where I had the real deal Margherita Extra pizza with Tomato, mozzarella di bufala, and cherry tomatoes (the only time I've had better was in Sicily last summer), and the most delicious deviled eggs with this crazy pesto sauce (trust me, it was incredible). And, of course, despite the hype, went into sugar shock over Georgetown Cupcakes. I was determined to try every flavor that called to me, so I bought 6: Coconut, Caramel Sea Salt (my hands down fav), Vanilla, Red Velvet, Maple (at Leah's request..not my favorite but only because I don't care for maple unless it's on pancakes) and Lemon. Leah, her husband, and I slowly, carefully worked our way through them, making them last over the course of 24 hours. And let me tell you, if you're an icing fan (and not just that fluff icing that's more sugar than substance) and you love flavorful cake, this is the place to go. Even if you have to stand in line (yes, we did. For 45 minutes in the middle of the day).

I only took photos at Georgetown below is my tribute to a few delicious days spent in DC. Enjoy! And thank you, Leah, for not just being right about every restaurant, but for hosting me for days on end :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Air Force Memorial near Washington DC

When I initially blogged this series, I didn't feel the need to write any words to accompany the images. Or not many words. I suppose it's partly because I was absorbing still the purpose and meaning of this site, but perhaps also because, quite honestly, the air force is my life, so what more is there to really say? But looking back I feel a bit remiss in not having said something about the feelings evoked within me, walking around the memorial, looking at the remembrances that others are leaving behind for fallen airmen. And I definitely feel that I should have acknowledged the emotions that rose to the surface when I looked at the shiny black wall etched with the long list of wars that we have fought, some with start and end dates neatly inscribed, some with only start dates because we're still there, with no end in sight. A small part of me shuts this kind of thing down because, being married to an airman, an airman who fights these wars, I don't want to see it. I don't want to know about it. I just want it to go away. But the reality is that it probably never will. And for some, their loved ones don't come home from conflict. And every day I should, and would if I could, muster up the courage to be conscious of that fact and grateful for every person who has been braver than me and stepped forward to serve.

Off we go...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lafayette Cemetery

I know, it's a bit odd. But I love cemeteries. And something about the ones in New Orleans really appeal to me. Peaceful. Full of history. And, visually, there's literally something around every corner - broken tiles, rosaries dangling from rusted metal gates, dried, brown, lifeless flowers, dessicated from the heat and sun. All remembrances left by the living in honor of the dead. Would that we could all be remembered so well...and that someone, years from now, might be creatively inspired by our final resting place. Creepy? Yeah, OK, a little.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Orleans - a first look!

Talk about a photographer's dream come true - old doors, windows, lamp posts, interesting people, delicious food.. A city in rebirth, a historic district defined by its past, looking towards its future. The grit of Bourbon street. The sugar of beignets and chicory coffee. The slight despair of people living on the street. The sweet sound of musicians playing their songs. A city of contrasts. A city of lights. A city of liquor. A city of sites, sounds, senses engaged. Have a look. See what you think. I think you'll be back for more. And I promise I have more to share. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adding the ing

Do you know what's worse than a deflated balloon? A deflating balloon. More tortuous than a run? Running. Sweeter than love? Falling in love. Better than a well-traveled person? Traveling.

There's something about adding the "ing" to the end of most words that intensifies the feeling attached. I mean, yes a deflated balloon is sad, but it has potential. Maybe the balloon can still be inflated? But a deflatING balloon is on its way to being over, potential slowly seeping out as wrinkles appear in the once solid shape and form.

Or take running. A popular form of exercise the world over. If I've gone for a run I am proud (and thrilled that it's over). But goING for a run, or, the act of runnING, well, let's just say I prefer the past tense :)

Consider the "ing" from a positive place. Like love. Oh, love. To be in love is grand. To have loved is fortunate. But the act of fallING in love is poetic. Chemical. The act of lovING is heady.

And then there's my own personal favorite - travel. To be well-traveled is a boon. To have traveled creates a story. But to be planING travel is delicious. To be travelING is superb. My Mecca.

What is it about the "ing"? I suppose adding those three tail letters implies action rather than finished or forthcoming moments. And for the most part (save running) I'd rather be in the act of something than looking forward or looking back. The world looks better to me from a blur of motion. To do, to be, to act, rather than to stay still. This is my preference. And now that I've completed another fabulous trip, and am anticipating a few more, I can only confirm that I'd rather be Falling. Loving. Planning. Traveling. I'd rather be an "ing".

Wouldn't you?

What's your "ing"?)

PS - up next: New Orleans! Dazzling!

Monday, July 5, 2010


No, I didn't really do the tourist thing. I pretty much got on the train in Homewood, got off the train downtown, and spent five hours photographing my clients. But - those first five minutes are emblazoned forever in my memory as I practically drooled over the architecture, neck craned at an odd and uncomfortable sideways tilt, trying to capture the amazing towering overwhelmingly beautiful Gothic or not buildings staring down at me, illuminated by early sunlight and converging into points of obscene but somehow appropriate angles as viewed through the fish eye lens.  And then, when the session was over, I walked the theatre district, snapping away, until I found my final destination - Blackbird - a fine fierce fresh food establishment with a top rated award winning chef (Food and Wine July 2010). One word - YUM.

What a city. What a day. Whirlwind but so totally worth it. And, oh yeah, I'm definitely going back.