Saturday, March 26, 2011

Around the World using only the iPhone

ok, so it's not really around the world. But Epcot does a darn fine job of replicating some of the most noteworthy landmarks across the continents - I have reason to know having been to several of these places for real. But the magic of Epcot is that you can see it all, in miniature, in under an hour, and eat and drink your way somewhat authentically through some of the coolest places.

My personal review if you want to know: the pretzels are better in the real Germany, the Fish and Chips in Epcot's England are just as good as the real deal, the French pastries are definitely better in France, the Gelato is much better abroad but still worth a try in Disney's version of Italy, the Tequila bar in Epcot's Mexico is my new default location for drinking and Tequila tastes just as divine wherever you're drinking it! and the beer, well, the beer is as genuine as it gets, no matter which country you're in.

Every chance I get, every time I'm in Orlando (which happens much more frequently now that we're a short 3ish hour drive) I take a stroll around Epcot and experience the wonders of the world, condensed, but still worth the journey.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the mountains win again

once upon a time there was a girl who yearned for the desert. who felt that the song of mountains called to her in a way that perhaps the wet streams and valleys of the east did not. she spent her days longing for every breathtaking panorama seen from an airplane that brought her closer to the rugged, desolate majesty; for all the 23rd floor views of the sunset and sunrise over the jagged peaks of forever, for all the glitz and glamor of a city walled in on all sides by nothing. We always want what we do not, or cannot, have. But perhaps that's what makes the having, if even only temporary, so worth the wait. Every time I approach the mountains, see the red rock formed from things I cannot even comprehend, made so long ago that I don't dare to imagine; every time I drive a straight and narrow road that goes into eternity, yellow lines stretching farther than the eye can see; every time I taste the tang of the dry, cool air that lacks the saturated feel of the eastern seaboard, I know that I am in a place that I could call home. But until then, or until never, all I have are these fading glimpses of the stark and restless abandon of the high desert and all that follows after.

Enjoy one of my favorite songs while you peruse : )

 images from Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and LasVegas

{apologies Misty Enright, for this last photo if it was yours. I know I downloaded some of your images from when I had picked up your camera along the way (or grabbed it from you) so I am not sure if this is yours or mine. I think it might be yours...but I like it. So consider it shared credit : ) }