Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a date with Sam

While in the Carolinas I had the chance to catch up with an old college friend, Missy, who had just had a baby. Little Samuel was almost exactly three months old when I took these pictures - and boy was he a challenge! I had no idea how limp noodle babies can be at that age! We tried propping, holding, harnessing (no, not really), laying down, sitting up, and on it went - from naked to adorable Halloween costume (he was a lion) to dressed in his Christening best. There are some that are pretty good (like my favorite above), some that are clear we're trying desperately to keep him from slouching, and some that are just plain cutie pie.

While mom showered, Sam and I spent some quality time together (he was napping in my lap as I channel surfed), but even for that half hour it was clear to me how much of a challenge motherhood can be. There's the part where you really need someone else to be there in order to find the time and have the peace to take a shower, and the part where they're passed out in your lap so you can't reach for anything outside short arm's length lest you disturb this peacefully blissful bundle into riots of screaming, and then there's the simple fact that the day is one long repetition of events; changing, feeding, burping, playing, napping, changing, feeding..... you get the idea. And while Sam was certainly a good baby, and I am sure some day I will be a good mother to my own child, I'm not ready yet. But it was fun to play. And I am positive, beyond a doubt, that when it's my turn, my child will be one of the most photographed in the county....because despite the challenges, I was hard pressed even in this one afternoon on my date with Sam not to focus in on every adorable moment.
Me holding Sam - do I look awkward or what? : )

more of Sam

Friday, November 16, 2007

A last look at the journey South

Here they are - the last of the images from my southernly journey. These are a compilation of a few days of shooting with my friend Suzi, who I stayed with in the 'boro. We went out one morning on a photo-excursion, with no real destination in mind other than to catch the morning sun as it came in on some old barns not far from her house. Then we just aimlessly drove around (not getting lost, thanks to the GPS) and stopped when something struck us. It was a pretty cool morning, and a good way to wrap up the journey. The beginning and the end, full circle and chasing the light.

Suzi's Backyard at Dawn

Nermal, Suzi's Cat

our photo excursion

Mike's Tires

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a kid who goes to east carolina

While on my journey, I had the chance to stop in Greenville, NC to visit my cousin, Shane, who is in his first year at ECU. I found him to be a happy, well-established turncoat through and through. Once a true northerner, he now greeted me in the authentic southern NC garb of purple hooded ECU college sweatshirt, jeans and, yes, flip flops. And it wasn't warm out. Not even for the South. But we took a pleasant turn around campus, with him giving me the unofficial tour, complete with ghost stories (only in the South I say!), fascinating facts and campus lore. Then we visited his dorm room (standard but neat), met his roomie (decent), went out to dinner (chain restaurant, terrible!), made a stop at the local Harris Teeter (bottled water and paper towels - every college boy's dream purchase) and, with a final hug goodbye, I headed back to Goldsboro.

This was my first time visiting ECU, though Aaron and I had once made a trip to Greenville while living in the 'boro (as Leah and I fondly call Goldsboro). I found it to be a nice, tidy University, quiet and abandoned on a Sunday (as it should be) and though some of the surrounding area was abandoned, it made for some great photo ops, which I took
advantage of, of course!

the old storefronts, so typical of the smaller southern towns

the abandoned warehouses

here's looking at you, while we wait for the light to change at the crosswalk
the campus tour

making a statement?

the neat lines and angles of campus.
the light was dreary so I went with more desaturated images.

Shane puts his game face on for a pose

dorm days