on the road again

After the balmy salve to my soul that was the beach, it was time to head inland again. On the way there were a few stops to make - Georgetown, SC for lunch and a walk along the pier, watching the shrimping boats, Awendaw, SC for a brief stop on a small farm, and then to Lake Waccamaw, NC where the gray day and cloudy skies gave a storm tossed look to the lake.
And finally, back to the place I called home for three years, back to Goldsboro, North Carolina for the last few days of my journey, featured in the next few blogs.

Georgetown, SC

Awendaw, SC

Lake Waccamaw


Anonymous said…
Oooh... I just love the pictures in this one! You've captured the essence of tranquility. The angles in the first group were intriguing, but my favorite of them all is the last one where the dock is framed by the tree. The lighting is also amazing.

Thanks for sharing the journey!


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