Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Night in the City

While light is essential to photography, at times the absence of light can make for more intense photos. And dark is, if nothing else, the absence of light.
Cities are transformed when darkness descends. Things either lose color or become intensely colorful. The streets gets loud, or extremely quiet. The air changes, the feel of the world changes, the energy changes. The sky is not quite black, still lit from the street, city, bridge, boat lights. But if you look closely, there are stars, faint pin pricks of light still visible, guiding you home.
Charleston is a night city. The alleys and thoroughfares, in warm weather, are packed with strolling couples after a late dinner, families pushing strollers with sleeping children, and party-goers out on the town. Intermixed with the tourists are the locals and the college students, fed by nearby Citadel and College of Charleston. High heels click across cobblestones, warm breezes catch the ends of hair, left to wisp in the wind. Trails of cologne, perfume, cigarette & cigar smoke linger around every corner. Laughter emanates from windows open to the fall air, still humid and balmy, hoping to catch the distinct scent of dark and the undercurrent, rapid pulse, of the night. Charleston comes alive. And everything looks different.

The Reggae Festival

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the color of the water

One of the coolest things about being in the Carolinas again is being so close to water. Water is everywhere. Now, I know Ohio has water, in the Great Lakes and rivers, but there is something about Carolina water. Maybe it's the Mosquitoes? No, really. What it is is a certain sense of light, reflection on the water, small southern town quaintness and something I just cannot name. And two of my favorite picturesque places to find water are Georgetown, SC and Lake Waccamaw, NC.

They each have very different stories - one was a coastal shipping town, grown up around cotton, rice and indigo and is the third oldest city in South Carolina. The other is a quiet resort destination with very little of the hustle and bustle and an awful lot of the silence, barring the crickets. But both have photographic moments worth capturing. I've been to each before, and every time I see something new. And I suppose that is the lesson - you can never be "done" visiting a place. Instead, you can only grow and change with it. perhaps what you see each time has nothing to do with what is there, but with what you are open to. Learning and growing and changing open our eyes to new things every day. So don't ever be afraid to go back to the same place twice. You just never know what you might find!


Lake Waccamaw