Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PadLocks of Love

One of the more curious things I saw in my recent trip to the Mediterranean was a collection of padlocks, engraved with initials, on the gates and lamp posts in and near the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I took a few photos, made a mental note to research it later, and just plain forgot. Until now. A friend of mine who follows my blog became curious by the blogpost I wrote about Rome and did some research. What she discovered was kind of interesitng.
Apparently the young lovers of Rome had taken it upon themselves to engrave their initials onto padlocks and attach these locks to a lamp post near the Tiber River, throwing the keys into the river and thus locking their love for eternity. Until the lamp post collapsed under the weight of the locks. Rome officials banned the practice and for a time the lovers turned to virtual locks via an online forum - at least until the virtual world was not fulfilling enough. Seeking a new location, they began to lock their love around and near the Trevi fountain, tossing their keys into the fountain instead of the river.
This practice is not looked well upon in Rome. And for the gates of the church outside the Trevi fountain, it's certainly epidemic (I can say this from personal experience - the locks were everywhere). But in my opinion, this practice isn't much different than Catholic Christians or other religious peoples writing their petitions and prayers on paper and other odd bits of  memorabilia and leaving them in wall cracks and around religious statues and church monuments, hoping for answers. It's the same idea in a way  - petitioning for and stating your eternal love...however fleeting that might be. And in a day and age where fidelity is perhaps a rarer practice than it ought to be, locking your love around a monument in declaration doesn't seem like such a bad thing. At least to me.

Here's an article my friend found on the padlocks.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Power of Purpose

Wherever I go, whatever I do, my life has to have Purpose (with a capital P). Or maybe lowercase p, depending on the day. And the purpose changes, sometimes, depending on where and when I am. But the Purpose rarely wavers. Part of my Purpose is to give back. To connect to others. To contribute to something larger than just me alone. To stand out from those with a "me first" mentality by putting me second. Now don't get me wrong - I am not bragging. I'm making a simple statement. I strive for (P)purpose. Sometimes I achieve it. Often I don't. But when I do, I celebrate. And here a moment of celebration worth sharing: a women's entrepreneurial group (WE Mean Business Dayton) that I belong to was recently lauded in the Dayton Daily News. Click here for the article online. WE bonded together in tough times to share experiences, to network, to learn from one another. And WE were also united in purpose. WE wanted to do something to help others like us - small businesses looking for footholds in competitive and stressful climates. Our first success is the Business Facelift Contest. And our winner - K9 Doggy Daycare of Centerville - will receive $5000 in prizes donated by the women of WE. We mean business, Dayton. And that means giving back.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday Specials for 2009 Photography by Jacquelynn Buck

New Customers
- one one-hour portrait photography session for your family, children or pets
- twenty five 4x6 folded, professionally printed holiday cards, custom designed around your favorite images (OR OK, if you really want it instead, you can have twenty-five 4x6 prints of your favorite image (one image) to include in your own holiday card. But trust me - the custom card is way more unique and fun!)

Existing Customers
- I'll take your favorite images from your past session with me and custom design a holiday card
- you also get twenty five 4x6 folded, professionally printed holiday cards (OR, OK, if you really want it instead, you can have twenty-five 4x6 prints of your favorite image (one image) to include in your own holiday card. But trust me - the custom card is way more unique and fun!)

Card Samples:



Monday, September 21, 2009

Falling Gently

While doing a portrait session yesterday at one of the covered bridges outside Xenia, I came across this perfect leaf, well worth photographing. Fall is coming gently to Dayton, and every now and then I see one, just one, leaf laying on the ground. And, as metaphors for life go, this one has impact for me. One leaf signifies so much. The changing of the season. The start of a new chapter. The one rock that becomes the avalanche. This one leaf is just the beginning. Soon one will be twenty and twenty will be one hundred and then the ground will be carpeted in color and the trees bare, skeletal branches reaching for the winter sky. But until that happens, until the flood of change is upon us, I'll enjoy fall as it comes, gently, quietly, one leaf at a time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fall

Simple statements are the most effective.