Falling Gently

While doing a portrait session yesterday at one of the covered bridges outside Xenia, I came across this perfect leaf, well worth photographing. Fall is coming gently to Dayton, and every now and then I see one, just one, leaf laying on the ground. And, as metaphors for life go, this one has impact for me. One leaf signifies so much. The changing of the season. The start of a new chapter. The one rock that becomes the avalanche. This one leaf is just the beginning. Soon one will be twenty and twenty will be one hundred and then the ground will be carpeted in color and the trees bare, skeletal branches reaching for the winter sky. But until that happens, until the flood of change is upon us, I'll enjoy fall as it comes, gently, quietly, one leaf at a time.


L. Diane Wolfe said…
Such a poignant post!

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