The Power of Purpose

Wherever I go, whatever I do, my life has to have Purpose (with a capital P). Or maybe lowercase p, depending on the day. And the purpose changes, sometimes, depending on where and when I am. But the Purpose rarely wavers. Part of my Purpose is to give back. To connect to others. To contribute to something larger than just me alone. To stand out from those with a "me first" mentality by putting me second. Now don't get me wrong - I am not bragging. I'm making a simple statement. I strive for (P)purpose. Sometimes I achieve it. Often I don't. But when I do, I celebrate. And here a moment of celebration worth sharing: a women's entrepreneurial group (WE Mean Business Dayton) that I belong to was recently lauded in the Dayton Daily News. Click here for the article online. WE bonded together in tough times to share experiences, to network, to learn from one another. And WE were also united in purpose. WE wanted to do something to help others like us - small businesses looking for footholds in competitive and stressful climates. Our first success is the Business Facelift Contest. And our winner - K9 Doggy Daycare of Centerville - will receive $5000 in prizes donated by the women of WE. We mean business, Dayton. And that means giving back.  


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