Thursday, October 30, 2008

Role Model?

Though it might not be immediately obvious from the photos, this blog is reflective of a day I set aside last week to volunteer for a local high school art class photography field trip to Yellow Springs (a small town about 30 minutes from Dayton). There were about 40 kids and 6 volunteer photographers or professionals who went along on the trip in addition to the art teacher. It was a really enlightening experience for me, putting myself in the role of teacher/photographer, focusing on sharing and explaining rather than just doing. I tried really hard not to use the camera except in demonstration. I consciously spent my time pointing out the things I would photograph and how, but not doing so myself (even though I wanted to). And after the first half hour, it actually became easier to just teach rather than do.

The girls assigned to my group needed very little instruction so that made it easier still. We just walked in the woods, walked in the town, and they ran around like crazy people (like I usually do myself) crawling on the ground, getting pictures of things from odd angles. It was tons of fun. The latter half of the day was more relaxed and I did break out my camera at Young's Dairy for an irresistible cow photo op. But other than that, it was really just about teaching, and learning, for them and for me. Definitely something I would do again. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!

Glen Helen Nature Preserve
a demo shot on perspective

posing for fun

In Yellow Springs

more fun posing -these were the girls in my group

at Young's Dairy

Cow Photo Opp

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Falling for Each Other - Again!

One of the things I have been doing recently is photographing couples who are at a unique stage in their relationships - several years post-wedding. After the chime of the church bells have faded into the distance, couples don't usually think about getting photos of themselves, together, sans kids and pets, that document how they feel - still feel - about each other. And, really, I've been thinking, why the heck not? There's nothing wrong with a photograph of just the two of you - no matter what stage of the family game you are in - as a little celebration of your relationship, that gives you something to put on your desk, or desktop, and include in your annual Holiday cards, to remind you of exactly why you said "I do" in the first place!

As an aside, what's cool about these sessions is the fact that the guys really get into it! It's like an excuse to be romantic. And I love it! Who doesn't need a little romance in their lives, right? So ladies, beware, this just might be that spark you're looking for!

Below you'll see my most recent, from this weekend, of Greg, Julie and the gleaming chrome of the Harley they rode in on.

And now, some glamour shots!

riding !

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Blog: The Cat Who Came for Christmas

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter is coming here in the greater Dayton area. Cold, rainy, chance of flurries, gray, leaden sky...and not even yet Halloween..But this year the winter weather and I are on the same page, because I am already thinking ahead to Christmas. And thoughts of Christmas lead to Christmas cards, and creative things to do with photography and Christmas cards. So this year I am going to apply my studio concepts with my graphic design skills and print a fun and funny card, featuring our very pretty cat, Mordecai, and us. I won't spoil the final result, but here are just a few of the out-takes, some which will make an appearance on the card. Here's to the Cat who Came for Christmas. And a great big thank you to whoever invented the camera self timer - it is a wonderful thing when you want yourself included in the family portrait!