Monday, October 26, 2009

Ye Olde Monday Morning Blog Post: Ohio Renaissance Festival

One of my favorite things to do is people watch - something that my husband and I have learned to enjoy doing together over the years. If you haven't done it, try it. Pick a public place, sit still for about 30 minutes, you'll be amazed at the diversity of people that pass you by. There's no better place for people watching (and taking photos) than a Renaissance Festival. This was only my second time attending one of these, and the first since I've become serious about photography. We couldn't have chosen a better day - the weather was warm, sunny, and the people were out in force. There were pirates, queens, dancers, Scotsmen, beggars, families and children all dressed to match, and even a Klingon (my friend K.C. and I determined he must have been a time traveler, since he was quite out of the period). Here are just some fun, candid photos from the festival.
We were also very fortunate to hear an amazing Scottish music group called Albannach - "outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes". Talk about high energy. They were amazing. Check them out at

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Fall is my favorite time of year for a walk in the forest. I love the colors, the smells, the sounds that accompany me. The best time - the quiet time - is the end of the day, when the light filters through the leaves casting a golden glow on everything. This also happens to be one of the best time for photographing because the people have all gone home to their suppers, the birds and beasts of the wood are calling gently to one another seeking theirs, and it's just chilly enough to bundle snugly against the coming night without being too cold to stand still for very long. Determined to enjoy my last "real" fall for at least the next 3 years, I am spending as much time as I can observing, experiencing and committing to memory a most beautiful season of change.

No trip to John Bryant State Park is complete without stopping at the Glen Helen Bird Sanctuary for a look at the rescued animals they have there. I just love the owls! Though it's really challenging to photograph the animals through their cages, it's still possible.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Bake an Apple Pie (more or less) in Pictures

I love fall. Fall makes me think of things I can do with apples - cider, caramel covered, PIE. It's just that time of year. So I figured I'd bake an apple pie. And photo document the process. So here you have it - my much altered apple pie recipe (bits and pieces taken from trial and error). Yum! And while I grew up peeling apples (and potatoes and carrots) by hand, nothing makes this job easier than the totally cool apple peeler and corer that my friend Marianne gifted me with years ago. You rock, Mar!