Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every Vote Counts in this Stairing Contest

I love collaborations! Especially with my Cali peeps. Just wish I could see the real world display in person! Maybe another trip is called for? Hmmmm. But if you can't make it to CA, never fear - you can online vote by visiting the blog below:
The Quick Explanation
It's A Stairing Contest!
Vote for your Favorite! Check out four unique perspectives (yes, one of them mine!) when it comes to Stairs.

Black and White
Stairs with a Human Model
Interpretive Stairs.

Find the images and details on that blog link above and make your selections by leaving a comment (simply type the category and choose "A," "B," "C," or "D" for each).

And if you happen to be in California, you can actually check out the photos in person at at The Last Drop Cafe in Claremont, CA (located in The Village at 119 Harvard Ave., (909) 482-1870). They have graciously agreed to display our work!!

Thanks Jason, Rico and Chris for making this happen in the "real" and not just virtual world. You guys are all awesome!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Jersey Shore!

Love me some Jersey Shore - the grit of the boardwalk, the neon signs, the junk food, the smell of sunscreen and salt air, the sunburned faces of children, cotton candy clutched in their hands, eyes turned up in amazement to the whirling swirling lights of the amusements summer brings. It certainly takes me back to time well-spent when I, too, was a child. Glad I'm not too old to still appreciate the wonders. And a waffle with ice cream (a must!).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Curves Ahead

The joy is in the journey, but for me it's even more in the negotiation of the curves ahead. The thrill of the unexpected. The finding of friends in places you weren't looking. The delight in collaborations with partners, old and new, that arise from simple conversations. The excitement when the timing works out....just right. My life is, has been, and continues to be all of these things. Real Women has been, and continues to be, all of these things as well.
Here's how it happened.
A wish turned into an idea turned into a plan. The plan became a vision that became a reality. The concept spoke to some women, some of who graciously have allowed me to use their images, with and without names, to show the world that they, that women, are beautiful just as they are. And it continues to speak to women, nationwide. I was invested enough in the concept to pursue, and obtain, the trademark for Real Women Photography. I wrote an article, from the heart, on how this concept came to life, on how inspiration is the motivation for a dream to become the truth. And then the article was published, in Rangefinder Magazine. And on the heels of that, with the encouragement from a friend, I moved even closer to the dream by putting myself in the running for a speaking slot at the Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International Convention in Las Vegas in February 2011. And was accepted. I'll be speaking, demonstrating, motivating (I hope) on Real Women in a two hour master's class. And tonight, debuting at the Color of Energy Gallery in Dayton OH, some of my Real Women, who alone are fine art, have been elevated to the status of a gallery showing. Sometimes, the joy is in the journey. But it's also in the negotiation, and thrill of, the curves ahead.