Sunday, April 15, 2012

Desertscapes {new mexico}

Once upon a time there was an East Coast girl who caught a flight to Las Vegas. As the plane made its final approach over the barren, brown, beautiful landscape that same girl fell in love. And ever since that moment, four years ago, she has been fascinated with the ever changing, ever the same, muted and caramel tones of the desert.

I am that girl. And this is my fascination. I always believed I was a beach girl - longing for the ocean and the sand between my toes. Because that was all I knew. And when I'm there, I am. But when I'm not, when, instead, I am here, surrounded by mountains, embraced by open plains, calf deep in sage and cactus and brittle scrub, I think, I wonder, if this is my place.

Perhaps there isn't one location I can truly say is mine. I know there isn't a place, yet, that I can truly call home. So in the mean time, as the journey continues, as the winds of change and adventure blow me hither and yon, I'll continue to fall for the majesty of the mountains, the stark openness of the desert, and the endless expanse of the seas, until I can finally, if ever, find the ones that suits me best.