Saturday, December 20, 2008

Urban Winter

First, can I just say that getting out to take photographs in the bitter cold is not easy to do, and even harder to do alone. So, I have found that, as is the case for most of life, it helps to utilize the buddy system. Find a friend, preferably one who is also into photography, and make a date, rain or shine, to go out and shoot. And just see where an hour or two will take you. It works for physical activity and it works for photography. Having someone to keep you accountable and also share the journey with can lead to inspiration...what might you see that you wouldn't have if you were alone?

And so, weeks ago, I made a plan with a new friend, Rich, who is just getting into photography more seriously. He picked me up early one Sunday morning with a plan to do some urban photography in downtown Dayton. It so happened that we had had snow the night before, just a dusting, which made for an interesting twist considering the sun was also bright and shining (perhaps one of the last sunny days we'll see until April!). And so we drove around, stopping when something caught the eye, ending up at one of my favorite urban areas - the Front Street Studios. It was really nice to get out and just play for awhile. And, in an effort to challenge myself, I tried to stick to using just one lens - one of my favorites that I don't pull out too often - the 50 f1.4 - it's a great lens and I love playing with the really wide range in depth of field to give a very blurry look to the background (which I have just learned is referred to as "bokeh" - who knew?)

So enjoy my little bit of Urban Winter!

bench overload!


bow down before winter

reflection of Rich

J is for "Jackie"

tag, you're it

talk about a blue sky day!

like layers of a cake!

my next tattoo!

on the tracks

I wear my sunglasses in the snow!

Inside the buildings are items that give a new meaning to the word "random"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

what's in the box?

I love getting packages...I mean, who doesn't? But the best kind of package is the unexpected one - not something you ordered online, or something you know is coming because it's your birthday - but something that arrives out of the blue and both surprises and pleases you. I recently received just such a package from one of my oldest friends, Canci, who lives in Holland. Canci, who I met in high school, lives in Utrecht, and while I love to visit her (in fact, it was one of my stops this past summer on my journey through Europe), the next best thing is receiving a package from her, because more than likely it contains something chocolate! And indeed, fulfilling my every wish, it came stocked with goodies with names I cannot pronounce but flavors that melt in your mouth...and even better, bath products from my all time favorite (and only accessible via certain cities in Europe) "Rituals" company (yes, I dragged her all around town searching for these on my last visit). So I've taken photographs of some of the delights contained herein, just to share my pleasure. Enjoy! Though you'll have to use your imagination for most of it!

essentially chocolate covered peanuts.

chocolate covered ginger cookie bites - an interesting flavor combination!

almond cookies - buttery, crispy and so bad for you!

inside the box

the chocolate hazelnut J....Aaron got an A, but his doesn't have hazelnuts (which are my favorite!)

the bath line that I love.