Around the World in 12 hours

I am a travel nut. I love to take journeys to new and exciting places with history and tradition and no-kidding authentic cuisine. I like to live the culture, eat my way through the experience, walk from sun up to sundown, and sleep as little as possible. But every now and then I like to pretend; to travel shorter distances and experience the same sort of thing but in a pampered environment where we all speak the same language, use the same currency and can turn the experience on and off at a whim. And one of my all time favorite places to do this, when traveling through Orlando, is at Epcot.
According to one clever tour guide, EPCOT stands for "every person comes out tired". Ha! No kidding! Aaron and I walked around from the time it opened (9 AM) until the fireworks were through (10 PM) and it was a looooong day. But I just loved it. Disney does an amazing job of bringing European flair and traditional and tasty cuisine from various countries to one circular route in the middle of sunny Florida.
I've been to Europe, and nothing compares, or should replace, the real thing. But if you don't have the money, the time, or the desire to travel a long way to a far off city, why not test it out Disney-style? It's not the same, but it's close enough for the family of four with a good imagination. Though these days, a trip to Europe might just be cheaper than Disney!

Before you decide, take a quick journey with me to several major European countries. This trip is free, I promise!

As an aside, did you ever wonder what EPCOT used to stand for? Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. But Disney doesn't publicize that. It's just Epcot now. Big "E" little "pcot".

The famous Epcot ball.

Oh, Canada!

Jolly good England!

No tour through Europe is complete without a Mickey Mouse puppet show!

C'est la vie, in France

The bustling markets of Morocco

The ancient traditions of Japan

Carolers in America

That's amore, in old Italy

Oktoberfest in Germany

Made in China

Fording in Scandinavia

Sunset over the countries

Epcot by night





fountains of Paris

Christmas around the World

Fireworks at the end of the night


Lynda Lehmann said…
What a beautiful journey through Epcot! Very nice photos!

I've been to Orlando once and now you've made me want to go back.

-Lynda from Peripheral Vision :)

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