one last wheezing breath of snow

Everywhere but here, people are celebrating Spring. OK - maybe not EVERYwhere, but it sure seems like it! Thinking warm thoughts only gets you so far when the snowflakes continue to fall steadily outside your window, when the only flowers in bloom are the crocuses that the squirrels insist on eating, right in front of me, and when the bitter chill of the wind frosts the panes each night. But there is a breath of something in the air - a slight change in the feel of the world that tells me spring is coming. I just wish it would hurry up! In the mean time, here are some photos from a few weeks ago when Ohio was covered in one of the largest snows we had seen in a long time. And who says sunsets are only for summer? But as pretty as it was, I am looking forward to this journey through winter coming to an end.


Sara said…
Wow, Jackie. These are SPECTACULAR.

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