Walk Around Town: Vegas

The weather turned absolutely beautiful the last day I was in Vegas so I spent some "organic" time that last morning - pulled up a patch of grass and drank my Starbucks then took the coffee for another walk / photo shoot around town (what a colorful, yet gritty city) and wound up laying pool side for an hour sucking down the sunshine. And now, the city through my eyes...
ps - I took some really cool photos of a special "series" I am finalizing for a competition. Once I compete I will post the images. They are tons of fun...but it's a secret!

also taken on valentine's day...and no, I didn't put it there. for once.

cool hat.

smut on the street...

i thought this was such a colorful image...

ok - I did set this one up. but I couldn't resist. get it?

ceiling at the Bellagio

took a few on valentine's day...this was a real bride and groom at the Bellagio

I really loved this fountain.

this lady was very interesting up close...

love reflections in odd places.

that's my ride!

man passing out smut on the street. like I said, gritty city.

Vegas is indeed larger than life...

taken from the conference center window.

don't ask me why...but I was inspired to include my feet in this picture.

my shadow seems to follow me everywhere. as a result I have many images from many places of my shadow. if I can track them all down, maybe some day I will create a book...


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