Back in the Day Bakery

One of Sara Merrick's favorite haunts in Savannah is Back in the Day Bakery. So on my recent trip, Sara insisted I experience this bakery, one of the hidden gems of the city, for scrumptious cupcakes. She was right! Though it was slightly off the tourist route, about 12 blocks away from the heart of the city, it was worth the trip. The funky, slightly retro decor was appealing to me from a photographic perspective while the valentine's day chocolate Ganache iced cupcake with a heart cookie on top appealed to my sweet tooth. Here's a montage I created from the images I took inside the bakery. Thanks, Back in the Day, for a yummy diversion on a rainy Savannah afternoon!


Ms. Givens said…
I will have to keep it in mind.
Monique said…
Yum! I love Back in the Day, but don't get there as often as I should. Or maybe I shouldn't? Great photos on your site, really like the Savannah Street series.
Rich said…
The photography is great and I'm sure that had no appeal to your love of cake, right? :-)

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