I think it's so interesting how my relationship (because it is that) with my camera changes. Some days I want the freedom of the point and shoot: the light, fits-in-your-purse, carry it anywhere kind of camera. Great for dinner, parties, and just in case. Some days I want the big gun, the pro line, the heavier than ton of bricks that you have to carry on one arm with lumbar support plus the backpack that fits all the extras and interchangeable lenses and f1.8s. Great for portrait sessions. Not great for all day, all night use when you're on the go. But I mostly take it anyway. Even if it breaks me on long trips that involve layovers in multiple airports. But that's part of the job description. And you've got to love the power of f1.8 in any situation. So I won't complain. But this week I rediscovered the beauty of living in the in-between. I brought out the camera lens combo that reminded me why I miss the D300 for the travel walkabouts. Because one camera and one lens (the 18-200) is all I need. That, and just a few days of beach walking, sunrise city streets and people watching. Nice.


I'm still keeping an eye on your work. You have a great eye and are able to make common things on a walkabout look great. Keep doing what you're doing.


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