Southern Sojourn

Well, OK, so when you live in GA there really isn't much farther south you can go, other than Florida. But to most people, South Carolina is the South. And though I am temporarily a Georgia peach, I won't always be, and I will always think of South Carolina when the south is on my mind. I recently had the opportunity to spend two afternoons revisiting some of my favorite places - Edisto Beach and Charleston. And because I am doing a 365 blog using only the iPhone (you can see the past four months here I have been using the iPhone a lot more than the camera for travel photography. It's interesting to me, however, that despite the fact that I am using a phone (and yes, I know it's an iPhone and has a kick butt camera), the photos are quite pleasing to me. I'll never forgo the real deal in favor of a phone - that would be silly - but particularly for places I've been to many times before, it's almost a creative challenge to see what I can accomplish with simply a hand held device. And there's definitely a sense of freedom to it as well - small, compact, portable - the world at my fingertips!

So I share it, with you. Enjoy - from Edisto to Charleston.

self portrait - beachy!

these next few I took in Walterboro, SC - a much more rural point equidistant from both Edisto and Charleston.


Rich said…
Way to prove that great photography is not about the equipment.

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