Meandering up the Coast - San Francisco, Paso Robles, Monterey, Pigeon Pointe

When I travel, I have taken to being more instantly available to my friends and followers by posting on my Instagram account @lifeunsensored or
and let's face it, it's easier to go from phone to post in 3.5 seconds. But I AM a photographer. And I do have a travel camera. And it did travel with me to China, Japan, Bali, and this weekend, San Francisco. So, my mid year, almost-summer resolution, is to blog more about my travels using photos I take - both with the phone and the camera. Starting now.

It had been almost 6 years since I had been to San Francisco and the drive there, as well as the days spent hiking the hills in the city, drew me in as before. Coastal Route 1 was still closed at Big Sur, so those breathtaking views were closed to us, but new views were found and savored in Monterey, Pigeon Pointe, Santa Barbara, and of course, the City by the Bay. It was a foodie-driven, chilly spring trip, but one worth the drive.

 The Golden Gate Bridge

 Ghirardelli Square!

 the famed Cable Cars

 Lombard Street and a view of the water from the Golden Gate Welcome Center

 Coit Tower and the skyline 

 Night in San Francisco

Pigeon Pointe Lighthouse

  The view from Monterey's Cannery Row

The drive through the rolling wine country of Paso Robles at sunset


Fahad Sarfraz said…
Photography is an art, everyone don't know about it. Its great fun, with it we stores the unforgetable memories.
Amazing pictures you have shared, Ghirardelli Square and Pigeon Pointe Lighthouse are the sunning one.
Thank you so much for sharing such these wonderful pictures.
Like all your travel photos. I think your all pictures are edited at least a little bit. Because while travelling we take thousands of pictures and all these pictures are not just perfect to share with others or submitting in a blog and magazine or printing. When sorting through the thousands of pictures It may feel like the pictures need an extra effect or additional things to make it outstanding. Sometimes people capture some beautiful moments or scenarios, but it seems like the picture is not as like as they saw. In that point you need travel photo editing. As a travel photographer, I prefer photo editing. No matter the reason, editing travel photos can add an additional element of interest and quality to images.

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