Ah, Venice (by day)

our hotel

Ahhh, Venice. If my sleep deprived mind could work correctly I could tell you in better words what an absolutely overwhelmingly amazing place this is. From the minute we touched down as the sun rose over the city I could sense the magic. Yes, it's crowded. Yes it's hot. But oh my, it's wonderful. It's everything I had hoped it would be. And I don't think it's possible to take a bad photograph here. We walked endlessly today and almost until 2 I was able to capture images despite the bright light. And wait until you see the city by night - but that's another blog. Look for that one on Friday, along with a blurb about Murano and Burano where we are headed friday morning. Suffice it to say it's way past my bed time, I'm dizzy with lack of sleep and stimulus overload. But I just ...had....to....share..

from one of the many bridges

the lamposts make great photos

San Marco

talk about wonder and awe...

gelato featured twice today. only made pictures once.

my father in law is a magnet for pigeons

boat ride in

the canals

the laundry

a quiet plaza

some people of Venice

I get creative and make my mother in law and father in law follow suit.


dinner - chef reccomended

coming in for landing

oh my

and again, oh my


Love the photos! Thanks for sharing. Especially Dad w/ the pigeon~Cosette said Look Pere-Pere and a bird!

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