Monday Evening Entertainment: Ride 'em Cowboy!

Oh Rodeo. Bulls and bucking broncos. Dogs nipping at heels and big belt buckles and dust. And oh my. Oh my oh my. Men in cowboy boots and tight jeans with shirt sleeves rolled up and muscles a-bulging. Not bad for an unseasonably cool summer evening 30 minutes from home.

It certainly is interesting to me the culture - sub culture - that exists right beneath our noses. Or maybe it's apparent to everyone but me. But I was fascinated by the rodeo - a weekly event in Waynesville. The people - way more interesting to me than the events. The seriousness of the cowboys riding the bulls - many of them reduced to spectators because of broken limbs. The interest of the children in the events - riding sheep and wearing mini-hats. Speaking of hats - the astounding number of cowboy hats.. a sea of hats really. Never had I seen such sights since a visit to Fort Worth, Texas. And Texas may be the state we think of when we think of rodeo. But I say Texas, meet Waynesville, OH.


the anthem and the prayer before the ride

even the kids are doing it!

broken arm. nothing to worry about.


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