Change is in the Air

So it's moving week for us. Today, Monday, is my last day of silence in my home before the packing, boxing, moving, loading, hauling begins. I am grateful that I don't have to do all the packing myself (we let the Air Force handle that) but what I do have to do is compartmentalize my life into one room - the room that the moving force of change cannot enter temporarily - containing the things most important.
This selection process is actually quite telling. What goes in the room? If I had to leave tomorrow, in one car, what would I take with me? What do I value?
I can tell you that while that room will be filled with the things of my craft - my equipment and valuables and unmentionables -  boxed and carefully packed myself - the room is also filled with the things that cannot be packed away, should not be packed away. The Sunday walk in the woods with friends, the going away gathering drop in where I can hug people good bye and take a piece of them with me that I don't have to put in a box. Time, love, friendship...that's what I want in that room that the movers cannot enter.  Luckily those things are available to us in quantity, don't take up much physical space, and can go with us anywhere.

What's in your room?


Anonymous said…
Oh, Nickie, that is a great post! You are so right!! Plus, I LOVE the picture of Morticai (sorry if I spelled it wrong, I am sure I did).
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's always sad - where are you off to now?

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