Competition at its Best

Whoever said competition was a bad thing has probably never competed. Competition, especially in regards to photography, is an absolute eye opener. I've learned so much from what others enter. I've learned so much from critiques of what makes the cut and what doesn't. And I've learned that sometimes even the things I think are awesome - my favorites or even the prints that sell - are not the same as the prints that compete well. Since last night was my last Tripod Camera Club meeting before our move to GA, I thought I would share with you the best of the images I've entered this competition year. What you should know is that these photos are well thought out. They are executed with care, fine tuned in photoshop, but still true to the image as it was taken.


L. Diane Wolfe said…
The yellow wall and open window one caught my eye - I love simplicity.

I am not a competitive person by nature, so competitions don't jazz me up. After working so many years in photo labs, I understand quality, composition, etc., but usually I look at contest winners and wonder "Why?" Seems the qualities I like in an image are never what judges (or the masses) like. If it doesn't strike an emotional chord with me, it won't matter how perfect the composition or focus.

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