Inspired to Capture Valdosta, GA

This time of year it's challenging to find time for just "being." With all the rushing and packing and mailing and traveling and holiday festivities - and for photographers, all the finalizing of orders and sessions in time for Christmas - it's no surprise that a spare minute in the day is hard to find. As I was driving home from yet another air force base function this afternoon, I suddenly saw my surroundings transform around me. I make this drive at least twice a day - to the gym or commissary shopping or to meet my husband for something or other - and because the weather has been mostly rainy I've not paid much attention to what I drive by. But today, partly sunny and 73 with some cool cloud cover (you know you -5 degree snowed in people are jealous), I saw the way with different eyes. And inspired, I pulled into my driveway, grabbed my camera, and pulled back out to travel the same route, this time with intention to capture what I saw. So here's a little taste of rural Georgia...caught in a 20 minute drive to and from the base, along the outskirts of the city of Valdosta. As you're looking, ask yourself this - what do you pass by each day that could suddenly turn into inspiration if you saw it through different eyes?


Ms. Givens said…
These are great. I lived in Sharpsburg for a few years. I loved road trips in Georgia. So much to see. I am back in Oklahoma but Georgia is always on my mind.

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