A Resolution for the New Year

I've seen it done before - it's called the 365 day blog (or something of that nature). You post a photo a day for 365 days. I like it. It inspires me. And, well, in a recent bout of reorganizing I re-discovered about 10,000 photos from past journeys that I am not really doing anything with. Surely there are 365 awesome, telling, emotionally charged ones among these. Certainly there are ones worth sharing. At least I hope so! I'm afraid of committing to posting every day though. So let's just say I'll post as often as I can and try to make it worthwhile - at letting you spend some time with an individual photo - as though seeing it hanging in gallery, surrounded by white space, allowing a reaction to the image, rather than being overwhelmed by multiple images at once.

But, as with everything, I'm going to additional modifications:

1) When I travel I will still blog as usual - so that means multiple photos and reflections (though I cannot promise I will post every day when I travel since, you know, it's all about internet availability)

2) when I am not traveling I will post photos as often as I can, with the story behind it or a quote that suits the photo.

3) Once every week or so I will try to blog bigger - a series of photos with a story or something of the sort.

Of course, this is centered around my fine art photography. I will continue to update my new portrait blog with my portrait sessions as well. Be sure to check that one too!

So look for my first post tomorrow. And may 2010 be a fabulous year!


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