Barbie goes to the Beach

You just never know when the camera might come in handy to capture something really unusual. Since I am already off the "regularly scheduled program" and a day behind (best laid plans an all that), I thought I'd go way off. So here are four for the price of one. 

I took these images on a summer trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC with my family. I was walking the main drag to the beach and wandered past this little sandbox right in front of one of the beach rental houses. You have to understand, I had Barbies when I was a little girl and so this brought me back to childhood, but this little tableau also fascinated me for what it revealed about the child who left them there. Before she (I assume she) wandered off to other things...maybe lunch, maybe the beach, maybe a nap, she left them carefully posed, as though a thought interrupted, rather than lying disregarded, face down in the sand. So enthralled was I that I actually walked the distance back to the rental we were staying in (no small feat when it's 100 degrees at high noon on a humid Carolina day) and got my camera, trudged back and took these photos. I have to say, I felt a little bit like the paparazzi, hoping not to be seen as I snuck up on the gang at the picnic table. And as a result, I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked - after all it was on the main road, and anyone (including the girl or her parents) could have emerged at any minute to see a grown woman in a bathing suit snapping pictures of dolls in their front yard. There goes my reputation, eh? But it was fun, and unexpected, and I think worth doing and thus worth sharing as well. So see, it's not all barns and sunsets and pretty flowers on this side, no sir! Come on Barbie, let's go party!


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