Over the river and through the woods

Living in the South now, I can look wistfully back at the blanket of white that covered Dayton this time of year, every year we lived there. Though it never stayed for long, it was beautiful when it fell. Most of the time I was too darn cold to leave the house, but on the rare occasion the snow came, the sun shone and the temperature was definitely worth braving to get some cool images. So here is one photograph I took last winter when we had a wonderful snow day. Snuggle up. Have a cup of cocoa. Enjoy! I'm going to go play in the 65 degree January sunshine of GA now.

Side note: Yes, I did some post production work to this to include adding tilt shift and texture as well as upping the contrast and cooling it down ...and probably a few other things that I don't remember. 


Donna B said…
What a BEAUTIFUL photo...I sure would love to paint that!! Would I be able to get your permission to paint it? Please email your answer to donnab6464@gmail.com. Thank you!

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