Day Seven: Revelations {7 days, 7 photos, 7 stories}

If you've gotten anything from these last 7 days, it's maybe been more of a glimpse into my character and motivation towards my images than into the images themselves. But, as I suspected, the photos had a story to tell. And apparently it was a story about me. This is an incredibly insightful concept, though. Because this is the truth  -  the real story often lies under the surface, buried deeply, waiting for the right person with the right question to come along and ask. And then, listen.

Take the image above. You could have been there and spent a minute contemplating the boats on the water, the opaque backdrop of fog a pretty contrast and the only indication that this was not an "east coast" scene. You might have seen this. Admired it. Taken the photo and moved on.


Or you could linger for a moment. Sit a spell. Stop and watch and listen. Because what if the fog rolled away, as it clearly did, and revealed what was hidden on the horizon. What might you have missed if you'd assumed that what you saw was all that there was to see?

People are like that. A pretty, foggy scene that given enough patience, care and time, reveal something amazing underneath. What it takes it someone willing to spend enough energy reaching beyond the obvious to find the story waiting to be told. And as a photographer, that's what I try to do. To tell the story, the real story. Whatever that might be.

Whose story will you discover today?


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