a legacy of the south

Sleepy, small towns tucked off main thoroughfares, blue skies, puffy clouds, church steeples and barns that time forgot. These are the lines of the legacy that is the south as I’ve known it. And these are the things that are part of the remembering for me - the heart pictures (to borrow a phrase from an old friend), the moments, the snapshots that are inside me, written on my soul, buried deep and surfacing only when I need to pull out a memory to remind me of the way things used to be. Of course the south has its share of larger cities, urban areas and trendy people, but the south for me is as it is written above, as it is written on my heart and soul. In the bleak, cold, gray winters of Dayton, in the days when the sun never shines, these are the remembrances I pull out – the ones that comfort me, that suggest that sometimes the best things in life have to be discovered, cherished, but then tucked away for later. We don’t always know how or when, but we are meant to use everything we gather along the way to realize that for which we are intended.

these next images were taken several years ago and are some of the best I captured of the south as I remember it. This is the first, and probably the only, time I'll share images with you that were not taken on this particular journey, in this here and now. But I got to thinking about how important these memories were to me and I had to share some of the best that were made as I grew into my interpretations.

For more images of barns of the south (and I will tell you every one of these, with the exception of the one with snow, was taken in the south, primarly north carolina and a few in tennessee) click here http://www.jacquelynnbuck.com/new%20barn%20images%20feb%209%202007/album/index.html


Pat Elsass said…
Great series Jackie.

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