Coast to Coast

In looking back over my travels for the past month it occurred to me that there are always patterns - patterns that are both interesting and worth noting. One of these patterns is my penchant for photographing common objects in ways that tell a story about the place where they are located at the time of the photo. I have long been a fan of the "Flat Stanley" approach where one takes a household object on a trip and photographs it on the journey. I have seen this done with chairs, sofas, unusual objects. I did this in Las Vegas with a Starbucks cup (and I will share that in a later blog). And I just recently did it with my CVS purchased flip flops - which ironically have traveled coast to coast in under one I show them to you here in my arrangement I fondly call "from Southern California to South Carolina"


L. Diane Wolfe said…
Too bad it wasn't norther CA or even further up the coastline - the beach scene would look so different!

L. Diane Wolfe
Rich said…
Two coasts, and even more beaches in a month. can keep the streak going, right? Another month, another coast....same shoes? What a fun sequence and for sure unique way to remember those moments and tie them together.

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