South Carolina Peaches

Some southerners would debate with vehemence which state deserves to lay true claim to the peach - and do so with as much passion as they would when debating who won the Civil war (yes, I believe there are some who still debate that). Many people associate the origin of the peach with Georgia (the peach state). But believe it or not, Georgia ranks third in production of peaches, behind California (first) and South Carolina (second) for this country. Amazingly, there are many resources for the SC Peach - there's even a South Carolina Peach Council, a South Carolina Peach Festival and yes, a roadsied America wonder, the giant peach water tower in the town of Gaffney, SC.

And the reality, as I can attest to it, tastes so sweet.

The peach as I've been experiencing it this weekend holds up to its name in color - the flesh rosy and the juice, well, juicy. And it smells almost as good as it tastes. Almost. And since it is the SC state fruit, and it's important to live local whenever one visits a place, I felt the need to support the economy with the purchase of a $5 bag of home grown, fresh from the farm, sold on the street peaches. And though I'd love to take them home with me, I don't think they'd fare well on the plane. So I'll enjoy them while I'm here, share them with my friends, and think of them when I'm gone.


L. Diane Wolfe said…
And of course, SC has that giant peach water tower - I always look for the giant peach butt when in SC!

Beautiful shots, Jackie!

BTW, the best tasting peaches I have ever eaten were Oregon grown...!!!!

Oh, and Tuesdays are when I post photos at my blog...

L. Diane Wolfe
Rich said…
Did you have to mention they wouldn't make it home on the plane? :-(

I was actually going to ask if you could bring some back for me. Oh well, the garden center on Yankee is advertising SC peaches, so maybe I'll just have to settle for that.

Beautiful pictures.

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