My 1000 fans

This is another post with no pictures. Because I have something to say. I am reading this amazing book right now called The Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders and though I bought it in February at the WPPI Conference and am quite clearly slowly reading it, I am digesting it at the pace that works for me. And I am learning a ton along the way. The most recent a-ha moment I had was when he wrote about finding your 1000 fans. To paraphrase (rather poorly) his concept, which is generalizable I think to any field where you're a hired professional (insert word here) is that there are 1000 people out there who are your biggest fans. They will pay you what you ask to do what you do best and they will love you for it. They will buy all your products, use all your services, recommend you above all others. Of course the product has to be a good one (so says I) but the concept is that somewhere in this wide world where we connect so completely to people in places we maybe have never ever been via the Internet and other mediums of communication, there are 1000 people out there who will love, if they don't already, what I do.

And because I am really just getting started, I think I have maybe 25. But that's pretty good. Pretty good that I have any. And they do exist. These people in my life are not all relatives (though some are) and not all old friends (though some are). They are simply fans of me. Of my work. Of my art. Of what I am trying to do. Maybe they read my blog. Maybe they comment. Maybe we're on Facebook together. Maybe they spend hours on my website just looking. And maybe they've never spent any money with me. And maybe they will. Or maybe they never will. But they are my fans. And I know they're out there because I've talked to them....heard from them....received praise and comments from them. From Charleston SC, lots from Dayton OH, a few Raleigh NC and Goldsboro NC, a few from Washington DC, hometown PA, parts of the UK, Utah, Florida, California - it goes on. Some I connected with in logical places. Some I connected with simply because the Internet acts as a conduit. But I am grateful for all of them.

Thank you Dane, for your words of wisdom. And thank you 25 fans! Tell a friend! : )


L. Diane Wolfe said…
I'm a fan, Jackie!

It takes years to build up that kind of fan base, but you can do it. Funny, as I was reading your post, I thought about the 1000 or so people who've signed up for my newsletter. Wow...

L. Diane Wolfe
Wigwam Jones said…
Me too, Jackie!

I have always admired your work, your work ethic, and well, just you. You're a fantastic person and that's not that common. You would succeed in anything you chose to do, but your talent in photography is clear. I hold you in the highest regard, and have since we met in Goldsboro.
Melissa said…
I was impressed you with at the Real Woman Collage session Jackie. I was with my sisters Angela and Becky along with my daughter Audrey. I found you on Facebook and love your work. Your wedding photos are gorgeous, it makes me want to get married just so you can photograph the wedding. I'm a huge fan and I can't stop talking about you to everyone I run into too.

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