It's always sunny in Philadelphia

It's kind of hard to play tourist in Philadelphia. Aaron grew up in Southern Jersey, 20 minutes from the city, and I grew up sandwiched between Philly and NYC (just try picking a sports team to be a fan of when you're in that position!). So what that meant is class trips in grade school and high school were to NYC, Philly, DC and Baltimore. It was an awesome way to grow up, and I have favorite things about each city that I always revisit photographically when I go back. But what that also means is that going back to any of these cities always feels like going home.
I know you can't really lay claim to "knowing" a place if you've never really lived there, but the history and culture of Philadelphia is so much my own, that paying money to see the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall just seems scandalous. So I was content to meander around the city, taking photos of the things that caught my eye. I didn't capture all the iconic scenes - like the Philly Cheesesteak signs, the entrance to South Street, the shops on Market, or some others I'd hoped to. But this quick tour of the city at least gives you a taste. And yes, it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Just ask the natives.

streets and city buildings
Independence Hall
A Philly Soft Pretzel - gotta have one!
Benjamin Franklin's gravethe Betsy Ross House
The Philly FantaticJust a block off market, between Christ Church and the shops. This is the place I'd live if I ever moved to Philly.
Signs are everywhere

Christ Church


L. Diane Wolfe said…
You got some good stuff, Jackie!
Steve Gravano said…
Beautiful, you brought back memories of my visit a long time ago. I need to go back.

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