Hooray for Hollywood

What's your dream? I read an article once about how there are certain places in the country, in the world, that photographers, despite their better judgment, just have to take photos of - iconic places that perhaps don't equate to amazing photos, or won't "sell" per se, but are the "been there, done that, seen it, taken the picture" type places. We are, despite the fact that everyone has one, compelled to snap the photo all the same.

I considered Hollywood to be one of those places for me. I had several aimless hours to drive around, get stuck in miles of traffic, climb the steep slopes from Griffith Park to about half way to the Hollywood sign, and then cruise around for a few hours looking for stars, street signs, images that spoke of "Hollywood" to me.

In the end, Hollywood was just a big city, derelict in some places, overcrowded with tourists in others, and generally just a collection of too many people in one place trying to do too many things. But it was cool.., for what it was, for what it wasn't, and for me to just be there - to say I've been to Hollywood. It might not have been my dream to go there, but it re-inspired me - everyone has a dream..and some come looking for it in the streets lined with stars. What's your dream?


L. Diane Wolfe said…
You did get some nice photos regardless!
I had the same experience at Stonehenge. Hundreds of people milling about, everyone's shot photos of the place, and yet I had to take my own pictures, too. Ironically, I think the best one was of the black-faced sheep grazing around the area...

Dream shots? I'd love to photograph a cave one day. I'd also like to revisit The House on the Rock in Winsconsin to take photos - I did not have a working camera when I visited almost 20 years ago.

My big dream is non-photo, though - I want to do speaking engagements across the USA!

Come visit my blog sometime, Jackie!

L. Diane Wolfe
Rich said…
What's interesting to me is that the people in the pictures of the walk of fame stars aren't paying one bit of attention to them. It says to me your dreams are and must be your own. They might be useful for any group speaking you might be doing.

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