Santa Barbara

This was my first time in Santa Barbara and I was staying with the family of a friend (another WPPI conference connection for anyone who doubts the conference is worth attending!) and much to my surprise and delight they (Bob and Jean) were totally willing to tour me around the city for the day. And as a result of the fires burning above SB in the mountains, the whole city was filtered in this crazy light that I can only equate to what I've seen during a thunderstorm..only the color was more odd - orange. I kept the color tone in a lot of the photos for effect s you can see what I saw. But you can see that even places not directly burning are affected by this tragic disaster. They later evacuated much of the city as a result of the smoke. But yes, I was there with the camera. And here are the photos.

the harbor

the downtown area

the old mission

the mission

the court house

the city streets - check out that wind.

my hosts, Bob and Jean, sunset over Carpinteria Beach


L. Diane Wolfe said…
Love the Mission shots!

And you are rather close to the fires...

L. Diane Wolfe

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