Disney Land

the word of the day: balloons!

I'm still a kid at heart. Disney Land and Disney World have always fascinated me. I didn't go to Disney World for the first time until I was 21, Disney Land only several years ago as well. But I have been enthralled with the parks ever since: the system that Walt Disney created, the pure joy children and adults get from visiting, and the well oiled "machine" that makes such theme parks possible.I try to go as often as I can when we are in Florida so I can marvel at the fantasy lands that Walt created and dreamed well before his time. As for the CA version - since I "know people" - I got in for free! Can't beat that! thanks Jason!

a bad picture because the sun was directly overhead, but this is my friend Jason who I met at the WPPI conference for photography in Las Vegas in Feb of 09. we've kept in touch these few months and when I found out I was headed to SoCal I knew a visit was in order! And since he works for Disney, it all works out!

inside the Pirates of the Carribean ride - which btw is much better in DL than in DW!

the one that got away

big thunder mountain railroad. i love taking the camera on the coasters and snapping as I ride. you never know what might come out!

where adults can be kids again. and again.

california adventure

two of me courtesy of Jason, at my request. it's nice to have friends who know how to take photos!

cool late day shadows

no idea who he is, but loooooved this image

CA. nuff said


Rich said…
Oh what fun...first the beach then Disney. Why does that first picture make me think of tulips?

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