Argostoli, Greece

(sunrise from the ship)

Argostoli (Keffalonia). Day 4 from the poop deck. Today we docked early in Keffalonia, another small Greek island, this one known for it’s production of olive oil, wine, and feta cheese. Our duration of stay was very short so when we came across two fellow travelers who suggested sharing a cab across the island, hitting the high points, we agreed to the adventure. Three hours later our driver, Costas, had given us the briefest overview possible of the caves, the lake and the land. We saw goats, stalagmites, and clear-to-the-bottom water. Overall we had a short stay, with a photographic focus more on the landscapes and the local treasures. After being dropped off in town for lunch we headed back to the ship to depart for Santorini.

the land of Argostoli

coffee on deck

walking into town

up on the mountains in the morning light


in the caves

driving through town

on the lake

our new friends Alice and Miriam

from the highest point on the island



Looks like an amazing trip so far! You missed one hell of a thunder storm yesterday, but I am guessing you are OK with that. Looking forward to more pics!

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