Catania, Sicily

early morning restaurant staff on a break. this was one of the best images from this stop.

Even though Catania is "just" a city in Sicily, I really enjoyed our half day there...somehow more than even some of the cities we've visited in Greece. There was something about the city - the people were very friendly (smiling and stopping us on the street to give suggestions), the architecture amazing, the churches plentiful (and free to walk through and take photos in) and the food delightful. So, while it's not a city on the lists of "must to do before you die", I certainly enjoyed it.

the wharf by morning

you know I love laundry!

churches, churches and more churches!

ladies on the street

lunch and dessert

and drinks!

we happened upon the daily market and boy was it interesting, and hectic!

ancient roman ampitheater unearthed within the city

gotta love reflections!

active volcano Mt Etna in the background of the city. It has, in fact, destroyed the city several times in the history of Catania. It's slow to erupt so people have time to esacpe, but it has ruined many an architectural wonder.

an amazing site to see - an active volcano erupting. the ship sailed right past it en route from sicily to mainland italy. he slowed down long enough for those of us gathered on deck to get some really cool photos. yes, that's a real eruption. amazing!


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